Gov Perry vs Pres Obama

My current health insurance is the Texas High Risk Insurance Pool. By law, it costs double the rate of regular insurance. So I pay $1200 a month for health insurance that has a $7000 deductible with a ton of balance-billing. In other words, it is expensive crap.

The state lege killed the program as of next January.

Now up pops Gov. Perry. He says the policy is to be extended until March. Thanks to Pres. Obama, I will have better health insurance next year that is HUNDREDS cheaper. So, governor… you can take your expensive junk-policy and find a creative place to stick it.

AND… based on my experience with Texas insurance, I am completely thrilled that you refused to let Texas implement an exchange. There were annoying problems with the federal healthcare.gov but I do have health insurance for next year.

You can fix a website. You can’t fix asshole.

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