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An Elephant of a Different Color

Posted: Friday, March 30th, 2012

The Elephant of a Different ColorAccording to POLITICO, Congressional Republican leaders have quietly put the kibosh on several anti-gay marriage bills.

“Santorum is spinning in his grave.”

“He isn’t dead.”

“The news may give him a heart attack.”

The idea is that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) — which is already Uncle Sam’s law — is awful and unconstitutional. Unrelated and unfair, but DOMA is the reason I wouldn’t support Hillary Clinton for President. DOMA was put on the books when her husband was president. I first met Bill Clinton when I was a pimply-faced kid in Fort Worth, and he was running George McGovern’s campaign in Texas. Whatever goodwill I held for him went bye-bye when he got DOMA passed. BAD JOB, BILL. SHAME ON YOU.

Republicans — like Carl Rove — went on to use gay rights as a wedge issue. Rove got “W” re-elected by putting anti-gay propositions on the ballots in lots of swing states. Those propositions were magnets for people who would also vote for “W”. SHAME ON YOU, CARL.

They pushed really hard against gay people. They stirred up lots of dust and got plenty of right wing bigots to the polls. “W” was reelected because of Rove’s shenanigans.

Here’s the deal: Carl Rove overplayed his hand.

State Rep. Glen Maxey once told me that he didn’t get too worked up when the hateful right attack him. Maxey was the first openly gay member of the Texas Lege. He said he just stayed calm because the people would hear all the commotion, and they’d see it for what it really was. It was silly and hateful, and homophobia was a prejudice that had no place in our republic. Maxey said that when gay bills came up a second and third time, the screaming from the bigots would be a little softer each time.

That’s apparently what has been happening in the national capitol.

Allen West, a U.S. Rep from Florida is way out on the Right, and he’s had strong opinions against gay people in the past. But listen to him today: “I personally have deep convictions about my children having a financially stable country that they can live in, I want my daughters to have the opportunities that I had, and that’s what concerns me That’s what keeps me up awake at night, not worrying about who’s sleeping with who.”

When I hear Santorum focus on what my husband and I do in the privacy of our bedroom, I’m annoyed but calm. I know that the younger generation will see the bigoted froth-filled hatred of private feelings (love and commitment) as the residual slime of a sad chapter of ignorance dressed up in religious dogma.