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Happy Happy

Posted: Thursday, November 28th, 2013

thanksgivukkahThanksgiving. First day of Chanukah. Same day.  That won’t happen again for hundreds of years. So, Gobble Tov on this fleeting alignment.

I ran into one of those websites that host discussions on whether “public figures” are gay or straight. I’m listed there, and someone actually speculated that I might be straight. I’m thankful that my gaydar isn’t so broken as that, but I wonder what I did to make him/her think I might not be gay. Did I miss something somewhere?

I am seriously thankful for readers. Wynn’s books had their best year ever. My spiritual and non-fiction did better than my gay romance fiction. Some bills actually got paid. yippee!

Mostly, I’m thankful for my husband. After 20 years, I suspect I have a keeper.