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Brent: the Heart Reader — audiobook

Posted: Thursday, December 12th, 2013
Brent: the Heart Reader

Brent: the Heart Reader. Cover for the audiobook version.


This is the cover of my second audiobook, Brent: The Heart Reader.

It’s still in the pipeline, but the recording (Chris Patton) and artwork are done.

BRENT is my favorite book, and I’m so happy the publisher decided to go audiobook with it. Recording and producing is a hefty expense.

BRENT is about a cute/young tarot reader who falls madly in lust (then love) with a young Apache man. They get their New Age on with a cool cast of characters… some nurturing, others snarly and funny.

I really like this book, and I love that the Gay Book Hall of Fame added it to their collection.

Stay tuned: BRENT’s audiobook should be out in a couple. of weeks.

10 Steps to Writing a Novel

Posted: Saturday, November 26th, 2011
  1. Plot bunnies become too treacherous to ignore.
  2. Bunnies are off’d with great alacrity (stir in fresh bunnies to make the plot thicken).
  3. Plot is almost finished (except for the most important parts).
  4. Cheeky muse vanishes (abandoned, time of peril and need).
  5. Rewrite (hate plot/publisher/agent).
  6. Rewrite (hate missing scenes).
  7. Revisit ill-fated decision not to study pre-law.
  8. Rewrite (put out hit on muse).
  9. Plot fairies visit and miraculously finish missing scenes.
  10. Solitary plot bunny spotted in yard.