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Sculpture with Music

Posted: Monday, August 19th, 2013

The greatest part of liking classical (Mozart) or baroque (Bach) music is that when we find something we like, it stays a “hit” for hundreds of years.


Bill the cat

Mozart (“too many notes) leaves me frazzled like Bill the Cat (“Bloom County” comic strip). Frazzled, but all in a good way. Mozart is like a roller coaster. Fun (in moderation and not when I am operating heavy machinery).

Johan Sebastian Back

Johan Sebastian Back

Bach grounds me because it is precise to the way musical wavelenghts work.

My heart is unleashed from everythimg mundane. Bach is correct mathematically, so I never-ever crimge or wonder where some Shostakovich weird note.

I got over him being Lutheran. Petty. Stupid bias. But I’m okay with it now.

Musicians playing Bach do the best when they follow the notes… something I always found hard on my keyboard. I wanted to jazz up the concerti, but Mr Bach really totally OWNS music. Mmmm. BMV 1055. Closed eyes.

Bach is a great SCULPTOR OF TIME.